Morialta Charitable Trust grant recipients share stories about their life-changing work with children and young people.

A child smiling at the camera
Genesis image 1
Posted 25 Jan

Genesis Pregnancy Support

eMbrace outcomes reflect the amazing changes that can be accomplished through a short intensive program with one-on-one mentoring at the right time in a mother’s journey.

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KWY image
Posted 15 Sept

KWY Aboriginal Corporation

The Little Steps Program empowers women to overcome intergenerational trauma, grief and loss which has continuously impacted on their lives.

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Posted 16 May

Holiday Explorers

Sean Pratt has become much more cheerful since joining Holiday Explorers. He actively looks forward to whatever trips he has planned. He's become much more outgoing and confident with regards to trying new things.

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A clown doctor visiting a patient in hospital.
Posted 16 May

Bringing Joy and Laughter to Hospitals

The Impact of Clown Doctors on Sick Kids and Families.

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A. group of people all wearing ozharvest aprons
Posted 16 May

OzHarvest Nourish Program

Sharing a story from Kate, a student who joined the OzHarvest Nourish Program in Adelaide in 2020.

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A kid's play room with a mini trampoline, a small text, some hoops, bean bags, and a table.
Posted 16 May

Act For Kids

The Morialta Charitable Trust has provided financial support for the role of the occupational therapist at Act for Kids (Adelaide clinic) for several years now.

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