KWY Aboriginal Corporation

15 Sept 2023

The KWY Aboriginal Corporation's Little Steps program is run in Port Augusta has been operating since 2019 and supports Aboriginal women who may have or are experiencing, family and domestic violence. It is a 12-week group trauma informed, culturally endorsed program which includes strength-based narrative therapy. In addition, each client is offered one-on-one support on an ongoing basis.
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Mary*, an Aboriginal woman from Port Augusta, has graciously offered to share her deeply personal story, with her identity protected.

Her life has been a challenging journey, filled with hardships she describes as "sad, hard, and tough." Battling homelessness and domestic violence, Mary eventually succumbed to drug addiction, leading her to being incarcerated, with her four children placed under the care of family and the Department of Child Protection. In 2022, after her release from jail, Mary, who was pregnant at the time, reengaged with KWY, an organisation she had sought assistance from in the past.

It was at KWY that she worked with Dionne, an experienced and devoted Aboriginal Women's Family Violence Worker. Dionne's support and unwavering dedication became the catalyst for Mary's life-changing transformation. Upon reaching out for help, Mary found a guiding light in Dionne's caring spirit and deep cultural advocacy. Through KWY's Little Steps program, Dionne provided a nurturing and safe environment for Mary.

Dionne's commitment went beyond emotional support. She ensured Mary's attendance at critical appointments and engagements with various agencies by providing transportation assistance. Her genuine passion for her work left a deep impact on Mary's journey of growth and self-discovery.

Today, Mary is thriving. With the support she received, she has acquired her own home and has emerged as a loving and devoted mother to her children. Mary is no longer trapped in domestic violence and continues to engage with support services, embracing counselling, meetings with the Department of Child Protection, and family case conferences, as she builds a brighter future. Mary holds deep gratitude for KWY and Dionne for their unwavering belief in her. Her story stands as a powerful testament to the strength of compassion, resilience, and community support. Mary's journey serves as an inspiration to all, affirming that positive change is always possible, especially when we unite in lifting one another toward a better tomorrow.

Note: The name "Mary" has been used as a pseudonym to protect the individual's identity and privacy.