Grant Application Guidelines

Each year Morialta Charitable Trust distributes approximately $500k in grants to organisations seeking to bring sustainable change to the lives of children and young people.

A child smiling while in the rain

Project Purpose

Past projects have supported needs in the following areas:

  • Urgent care and assistance

  • Community support and connection

  • Education, personal growth and employment

  • Healthcare (including disability and mental health)

  • Individual and family support.

Future projects may support other areas of need. The most important considerations when assessing applications are:

  • The project has a clearly defined need, target audience and project scope
  • The project demonstrates measurable and sustainable outcomes

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible applicants must meet specific criteria as described below. Please note that HenderCare Foundation Grants that are administered by Morialta Charitable Trust have the same eligibility criteria.

  • an incorporated organisation whose mission is aligned with that of The Morialta Charitable Trust;

  • an endorsed Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR);

  • does not owe any money to The Morialta Charitable Trust or does not have any outstanding acquittals as a result of previous funding or grants*;

  • has implemented policies and procedures to ensure the safety of children and young people;

  • has the appropriate type and level of insurance for the activities that are the subject of the grant application;

  • submits with the application a financial audit signed by an independent external auditor.

  • if successful, agrees to:

    - enter into a funding agreement;
    - provide a certificate of currency for relevant insurance;
    - provide a copy of the policies and procedures ensuring safety of children and young people;
    - acquit the project as scheduled in the agreement.

*If you have an outstanding acquittal, you may still apply for funding if the acquittal can be submitted prior to 31st of August of the application year. Please DO NOT apply for new funding if you cannot meet this acquittal timeframe. You will not receive new funds until all previous grants have been acquitted. This applies for ALL grants, including HenderCare Foundation Grants administered by The Morialta Charitable Trust.


Grant applications are managed through an Australian based online grants management system. All data is held in a secure data centre in Sydney and all Australian privacy and data security laws are complied with.

All applications must be submitted online. We recommend visiting the Grants Portal to setup your login prior to grants opening.

2023 Grant applications open on 19th June 2023 and close on 28th July 2023


All Grant funding must be acquitted within 13 months of payment.

  • Organisations with an outstanding acquittal at the time of grant application may still apply for funding if the acquittal can be submitted by 31st August.
  • Organisations must urgently contact Morialta Charitable Trust if there are any concerns about meeting the acquittal timeframe.
  • No further grant funding will be provided to an organisation with an outstanding acquittal.

Recipients of Grants from 2023 will complete their acquittal through the online Grants Portal.

If you received a grant prior to 2023, please download and complete this form and submit by email