Holiday Explorers

16 May 2023

Sean Pratt has become much more cheerful since joining Holiday Explorers. He actively looks forward to whatever trips he has planned. He's become much more outgoing and confident with regards to trying new things. I would say it's really helped with his mental health and helped him to become more open to new opportunities.

He's spent most of his life until recently with not many opportunities to join like-minded people in recreational activities, as well as getting the respite from the two loud toddlers he lives with at home (his niece and nephew). Sean has been much more cheerful at home and especially loves looking through his book of new holiday opportunities when it comes. He constantly asks me "how long until..." when he knows he has a trip soon and walks around with a massive, cheesy grin on his face for days before and after a trip. 

I'm writing this the day before he goes on a trip for a whole weekend (which I am personally looking forward to as respite for me too) where he gets to go glamping and hopefully gets the chance to do plenty of outdoor sports such as kayaking, hiking and bike riding, while socialising with his peers and connecting to people like him. He's so excited. I've got him packing his things and he is just grinning from ear to ear. He's that excited. Thank you so much for providing these services so that he can feel normal, despite his intellectual disability, and have the chance to do things like this in a safe, friendly, and patient environment. 

Emailed from his carer/family